Mastering V-Ray For Architect(Classroom Course)

about this course, Participants learn to use V-Ray in 3dsMax to create Photo realistic and artistic scenes, for example Exterior and Interior Natural and artificial Lighting Modes and finally Rendering techniques.

Learn Vray / V-Ray – Vray is the industry standard for rendering in 3d architectural visualization, It is a render engine, Most important to the arch viz industry are Vray for 3dsMax, and V-Ray for SketchUp.
Vray provides the lighting, materials, cameras, and rendering solutions for a large majority of 3d architectural imagery.

This course consists of

10 Life Lectures in 3 Weeks.
With Minimum total number of hours 30:00 hours. Usually the time increased to achieve the course Target.
Course Lectures with Arabic Language .
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Training Schedule For This Month (Changed Monthly)

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1-7-201724 HoursSun, Tue, Thursday06:00 - 09:00 PM2000 / 1200 LEEnroll Now
2-7-201724 HoursSat, Mon, Wed06:00 - 09:00 PM2000 / 1200 LEEnroll Now

Course Objectives

  • Linear and Physical Workflow
  • Lighting Workflow
  • Using and Adjusting the VRay Physical Camera
  • In-depth Global Illumination
  • Image Sampling
  • Advance V-Ray Materials
  • Render Elements

Professional Courses

Unlike many free tutorials found around the web, these professional courses offer hours and hours of on-demand content.
They are broken up into several different courses, and they take you through the process of working in V-Ray, step by step, They also provide the necessary course files.
Full length pro courses are the way to go if you really want a comprehensive knowledge of the software, If you need to know something more specific, see if one of our free tutorials can help.
after this Course must be a professional in V-Ray Lighting and Materials , finally in Rendering techniques.

Some works of learners

For More Learner Work click Here.

Target Audience by this course

  • Architecture students.
  • Professional Architects.
  • interior designers.
  • landscape designers.
  • TV graphic designers.
  • Visualization studios.
  • Basic 3ds Max users who want to be professional and work with VRay.
  • professionals interested in enhancing their design skills.

Course Main Outline

  • Introduction to Techniques will used in 3ds Max
  • Introduction to V-Ray Renderer Engine.
    • what’s The V-Ray.
    • System requirements
    • Unsupported features
    • Getting started
    • Menu integration
    • finally CGWAY ACADEMY Recommendations before Using V-ray
  • V-Ray Lighting Basics
    • VRayLight (Plane, Sphere, Disc, Mesh and Dome Lights)
    • V-Ray Sun and Sky in DayLigh Shots
    • V-Ray IES for artificial light
  • Cameras With VRay
    • Autodesk Physical Camera
    • V-Ray PhysicalCamera functionality
  • V-Ray Materials
    • Introduction to UVW Mapping for Architect by Applications.
    • The famous Materials for Architect.
    • Slate Material Editor in detail.
    • VRayMtl in Many Examples like Plastics, Metals and Glass Materials.
    • Diffuse Illustration (color, maps), Reflection, Refraction, Bump and Opacity.
    • VRayBlendMtl
    • VRay2SidedMtl
    • RayOverrideMtl, VRayLightMtl
  • V-Ray Lighting
    • IES Light.
    • Omni light.
    • sphere Light.
    • Dome light (HDRI).
    • Rectangle light (plan light).
  • V-Ray Maps
    • Bump and Displacement.
    • using Bitmap in opacity.
    • Anisotropy.
  • V-Ray Maps, Plugins, Scripts.
    • Tillable and seamless Textures.
    • Color Correct, Mix Maps finally other maps.
    • Solidrocks as a VRay Rendering Preset Plugin.
    • SigerShaders as a Script for Materials.
    • finally Gamma Correction.
  • V-Ray Lighting Distribution
    • Interior Daylight Shots Lighting.
    • Interior Night Shots Lighting.
    • Exterior Daylight Shots Lighting.
    • Exterior Night Shots Lighting.
    • Natural Lighting with HDRI (LBL) Image Based Lighting Techniques.
  • VRayDisplacementMod.
  • VRay Geometries like Proxy, Caliper, and VRayFur.
  • Animation for Architect.
  • V-Ray Rendering techniques
    • VRay Render elements.
    • VRay Distributed rendering.
    • Rendering still shots.
    • Rendering Animation.
  • Post-Production and Color Correction
  • Finalization the Shots


3ds Max Essentials course or equivalent.
Architecture or interior background is recommended .
Basic knowledge and skills about using computers .

Course Grading System

Attendance 40% ,Tasks 50%, Project 50%
finally To pass the course and receive a Certificate you should:
Attend at least 70% of course hours.
Score more than 75% as a total score.

Course Certificates

  • CGWAY ACADEMY certificate

Web Resources, Help, Software
V-Ray for 3ds Max Help

Course Outline

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Download the course plan and outline in PDF format

Course Curriculum

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