Very important step in my life professionally

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Cause I have been in the field long time ago , Many “Professionals” as they said were exercised with me in the handle of animation projects: Including Egyptian and Gulf Series, Short films, Advertisements etc …. Finally and Hardly I can find one or two Fit to the labor market . Pick your Target ?? and do not wast your time , where your education will be !!? it is very important to plan this answer . In a speech , marketing tells us :” Train well and climb the Hill “ it means if you trained well you will be involved in the labor market directly!!!! suddenly you will find yourself kicked from the heaven ,If you are looking for the opportunity in the field you should learn well and train well .. means it is necessary to build your knowledge, and you should have talent … every second … there is something new in this field CG WAY ACADMY : support , procedure performed ,develop, looking after their Graduates very trusted transaction .. always in contact with Graduates , educational content in my point of view compete international education, It was very important step in my life professionally and personally i had never been regret that I started my career from CG WAY ACADMY think beyond !!!


Mohammad Amin Art Director

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