Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning, by 3dsMax Character studio

Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning by 3dsMax

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Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning, by 3dsMax Character studio (Training DVDs)

Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning, by 3dsMax Character studio

Course Description

This Course are unique and are the strongest and the best in Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning, by 3dsMax Character studio, This Course has been preparing educational content accurately and scientifically examined thoughtfully makes us determined professional in this area

The aim of this course to make you master of Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning and reformatted as correct and this is done in several stages are studied successively as action sequences in Animation Scientifically thoughtful makes you able to end this with God in the Character Animation, Rigging, Skinning.

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Course Content

This course consists of

30 video lecture , Every Lecture from 2 to 3 Hours Approximately , Divided in 4 to 10 Video Sections .
3 Training DVDs, 3 Levels.
Downloaded Size 6.5 GB
The total number of hours 26:00 hours
All Lectures with Arabic Language , you can study from the video without the voice if you can understand Arabic language.

For Private and Special Time Courses Contact us.


Level 01: Character Studio Bibed Techniques
Section 1: Character Studio Bibed
Lecture 01 Character Animation Introduction 00:40:00
Lecture 02 Working With Biped Structure 00:55:00
Lecture 03 Figure Mode 00:35:00
Lecture 04 Illustrate Working With Morph 00:45:00
Lecture 05 Full Character Physique (character 01) 00:55:00
Lecture 06 Physique Optimization 00:50:00
Lecture 07 Full Character Physique (character 02) 00:55:00
Lecture 08 Skin Morph Correction 00:45:00
Level 02: Animation Techniques with Character Studio Bibed
Section 1: Working With Character Studio Footsteps
Lecture 09 Character Studio Footsteps 01 01:00:00
Lecture 10 Character Studio Footsteps 03 00:40:00
Lecture 11 Character Studio Footsteps 03 00:35:00
Lecture 12 Free-form and Key Info 01:05:00
Lecture 13 Footsteps Full Application 01:25:00
Lecture 14 Animation Applications 00:45:00
Section 2: Animation Layers, Motion Capture, Motion Mixer, Motion Flow, Crowd System
Lecture 15 Using Animation Layers 01:05:00
Lecture 16 Using Motion Capture Files 00:55:00
Lecture 17 Motion Mixer Part 01 01:15:00
Lecture 18 Motion Mixer Part 02 00:40:00
Lecture 19 Motion Flow Mode 00:25:00
Lecture 20 Reactor Rag Doll 00:55:00
Lecture 21 Crowd System Part 01 00:45:00
Lecture 22 Crowd System Part 02 00:45:00
Lecture 23 Review On Level 02 00:40:00
Level 03: Animation Techniques and Applications
Lecture 24 Animation Principles 00:05:00
Lecture 25 Walk Cycle Part 01 01:00:00
Lecture 26 Walk Cycle Part 02 00:50:00
Lecture 27 FreeForm Jump Animation 01 01:05:00
Lecture 28 Review On FreeForm Jump Animation 00:20:00
Lecture 29 FreeForm Jump Animation 02 00:55:00
Lecture 30 Animation Movie Production 01:30:00

Course Pre-requirements

For course must be have a basic skills to work with 3ds Max or you can take this course

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CGWAY ACADEMY is a specialized company in training , technical support and services for engineering and graphics software, All of our instructors are Professionals and certified, ensuring that you are getting the best education possible. From 2003 till now.

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