3dsMax Material and Maps Design Techniques

#E-A- 3dsMax Material and Maps Design Techniques

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3dsMax Material and Maps Design Techniques (Training DVDs)

3dsMax Material and Maps Design Techniques

Course Description

This Course are unique and are the strongest and the best to learn Material and Maps Design Techniques, This Course has been preparing educational content accurately and scientifically examined thoughtfully makes us determined professional in this area

in This Course we will learn about all the Design materials and maps in 3ds Max and then move on to understand all kinds of raw materials provided by the program in detail and nicely through practical examples and illustrative, Then proceed to a detailed examination of the maps provided by the 3ds Max and also through examples and practical applications.

The aim of this course to make you master of Material and Maps Design Techniques and reformatted as correct and this is done in several stages are studied successively as action sequences in Materials Scientifically thoughtful makes you able to end this with God in the building of any Object or Project.

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Course Content

This course consists of

17 video lecture , Every Lecture from 2 to 3 Hours Approximately , Divided in 4 to 10 Video Sections .
2 Training DVDs, 2 Levels.
Downloaded Size 4.0 GB
The total number of hours 18:00 hours
All Lectures with Arabic Language , you can study from the video without the voice if you can understand Arabic language.

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Section 1: 3ds Max Materials Design
Lecture 01 Introduction To Materials 00:35:00
Lecture 02 Material Editor in Details 01:05:00
Lecture 03 Compound Materials Part01 01:00:00
Lecture 04 Compound Materials Part02 00:45:00
Lecture 05 Standard Material And Shader Types 01:20:00
Lecture 06 Raytrace And Ink’n Paint Materials 01:15:00
Lecture 07 Architectural Material 00:55:00
Lecture 08 Illustrate Maps Rollout in Details 01:20:00
Lecture 09 Full Material Application 00:30:00
Section 2: 3ds Max Maps Design
Lecture 10 2D Maps Part01 01:05:00
Lecture 11 2D Maps Part02 01:05:00
Lecture 12 3D Maps Part01 01:30:00
Lecture 13 3D Maps Part02 01:25:00
Lecture 14 3D Maps Part03 00:35:00
Lecture 15 Compositor Maps 00:50:00
Lecture 16 Color Modifier Maps 01:10:00
Lecture 11 Other Maps 01:20:00
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