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In this post we will show you how to Prepare your project for rendering.

1 Right before submitting your scene for rendering, go to 3D Max menu and select Asset Tracking

2. Select All Textures and click with right mouse button then select Strip Path


After using “Strip Path” all textures it look like this

3. After you finished with Textures you must go to Rendering -> Render Setup


– From Common tab you must choose a Time Output (Single, Range or some Frames)

– From Output Size you must select a Resolution

– From Render Output you must select SAVE OUTPUT and Output type (jpg, tar, png, etc …)

– From Settings tab you must select Bucket size and Sequence from System.

*How to optimize yout project you can find here:


4. After this SAVE your Project and Archive All files (textures, maps, light cache, iradiance map, 3d Max file – basicly, all files that will need to render your project properly) in one archive.
Upload the Archive to any free Upload and sharing of files or ask us for information ro upload on our FTP Server.

There are two ways to archive your project:

Using Max Script

For Manually archiving, you must put all files in one folder and click right mouse button then click Add to Archive.

1. You must select Compression method ( BEST ) and Split to volumes in MB ( 25 MB )

2. After Archive is ready Upload the Archive to any free Upload and sharing of files or ask us for information ro upload on our FTP Server.


Using Max Scrip named mb_resource_collector

1. Download mb_resource_collector and import it in 3d Max. Go to MAXScript tab and select Run Script


2. Navigate to mb_resource_collector.mse and select it


3. Go to MAXScript Utility dropdown list, from which you can select it to execute it


4. You must choose Target Path where project will be saved. Then you must select:
– Update asset path names
– Include .max scene file
– Convert to relative paths
– Create .zip archive
and press Collect files
Go to your Target Path directory and upload the archive to our FTP Server

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