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SketchUp PRO + V-Ray Diploma (Online Course)

This course covers SketchUp Pro throughout the design process through numerous examples to teach basic to advanced modeling techniques, navigation, organization strategies and finally presentation work flows.

This course consists of

15 video lecture.
Downloaded Size 10.0 GB
The total number of Recorded Hours 20:00 hours
All Lectures with Arabic Language but you can study from the video without the voice if you can’t understand Arabic.
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Course Overview

in truth This course provides a Good understanding of utilizing SketchUp throughout the design process. Our instructor will lead you through many examples to teach basic modeling techniques, navigation, organization strategies and finally presentation work flows, in fact This course is taught in 2 segments, Modeling and rendering, Hands-on exercises throughout this course will demonstrate techniques for utilizing the following

Sketcup and V-Ray Diploma For Architect


Some works of learners

For More Learner Work click Here

Course Objectives

  • Drawing and modification tools, with tips for speed and efficiency.
  • Making specific selections, using groups or components and the proper use of the move tool.
  • Measurements, precision and guides.
  • landscape designers.
  • Creating sections and modifying styles.
  • finally Try to enrich the models with rendering effects by materials, Lighting and Mapping.

Target Audience by this course

  • Architecture students
  • Professional Architects
  • interior designers
  • landscape designers
  • civil engineers
  • Visualization studios
  • Draftsman who are interested in learning Revit
  • Anyone with a vague interest in SketchUp and V-Ray

Course Main Outline

  • Introduction to Course and SketchUp
  • Drawing tools
    • Creating Basic Geometry
    • Creating Surfaces From Polygons
    • Understanding Stickiness In 3D
    • Drawing In 3D Using The Pencil Tool
    • Generating Forms Quickly
    • Creating Concentric Surfaces
    • Mirroring in SketchUp
    • Display Options And Styles
  • Modifiers
    • General Modifiers
    • Scale, Stretch, Mirror
    • Intersect faces with models
    • Group VS Component
  • Follow me modifiers
    • follow me vs push/pull
    • using follow me to draw shapes
  • Complex shapes
    • what is complex shape?
    • Drawing complex shapes with sign-outs
    • using follow me to draw a complex shape
  • Extensions
    • what of the extensions mean?
    • Extension to draw the complex shapes
    • curry loft
    • Art Dan
    • loo bit tools
    • lattice mashes
  • V-Ray for SketchUp
    • V-Ray overview
    • introduction for vary 2.0
  • V-Ray Basic materials layers
    • Diffuse
    • Reflection
    • Refraction
    • emissive
  • V-Ray Lighting
    • IES
    • Omni light
    • sphere
    • Dome light &HDRI
    • Rectangle light (plan light)
  • V-Ray materials (2) {maps}
    • Bump
    • Displacement
    • using Bitmap in opacity
    • Anisotropy
  • V-Ray Advanced materials techniques
  • V-Ray rendering settings
    • switches
    • Environment & V-ray sun
    • G.I. settings
  • finishing your final product


Architecture or interior background is recommended
Basic knowledge and skills about using computers.

Course Grading System

Tasks 50%, Project 50%
To pass the course and receive
CGWAY ACADEMY certificate
you should: Score more than 75% as a total score.

Web Resources, Help, Software

Course Curriculum

Section 01 : Basic Modeling Techniques With Sketchup
Introduction to SketchUp
Skp-lec01-Make a 3d for this modern villa 2, 00:00
Lecture 02 : Basic modeling to SketchUp using Modeling by vertex, Intersect faces with a model,Components VS groups
Skp-lec02-Redo the previous task (Modern Villa)using groups and components 2, 00:00
Section 02 : Advanced Modeling Techniques With Sketchup
Lecture 03 Advanced modeling , follow me , complex shapes, extension
Skp-lec03-Make the scene bellow for a glass tower 2, 00:00
Advanced modeling in SketchUp Part 02 , Extensions , lattice maker, 1001 bit tools, FFD
Skp-lec04-Make a flying curtain 2, 00:00
Section 03 : Full Projects to Practice in Modeling Techniques With Sketchup
Full Interior Project Modeling, applying for into modeling
Section 04 : V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp
Lecture 11: V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp Basics Materials , Introduction to V-Ray, V-Ray materials layers, diffuse and transparency, reflection and glossiness, refraction and glossiness, emissive (lighting material)
Lecture 12: V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp Advanced Materials, metal material, bump, displacement, tex splat map, tex noise map, tex inverse map, tex mix map
lecture 13 : V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp Lighting, Rectangle light, Bump, Omni light, Sphere light, IES light, Dome light +HDRI,

Course Reviews


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  1. Incredible basics

    This is a really nice course, a must have for Photography newbies.

  2. A must have for Photography students

    This is a really nice course and everyone interested in photography should take it.

  3. Intructor should hear queries

    Not very informative.

  4. This is a good course

    Interersting and a must have for all photographers

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